圣。 Agnes学院校友VERITAS每年奖,被授予的校友表现出 奉献给圣。 AGNES社区,和社区作为一个整体;作为学术,专业,和/或领导角色为人类和成就以及同情。 它成立于2004年,从那时起一,圣。 Agnes学院校友板和ST。艾格尼丝年轻专业人士的荣誉学生组织板VERITAS获奖。


  • 2019 VERITAS奖得主

    恭喜VERITAS获奖者2019 贾静雯帕里什bublewicz '97!
    Alyssa is the 2019 runner-up for the Leukemia Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Woman of the Year. In ten-weeks she raised an incredible $417,000 - the highest amount any runner-up has raised in Houston, or the nation - for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The LLS Man & Woman of the Year is philanthropic competition to support blood cancer research among a group of motivated and dedicated individuals in communities across the United States. The 2019 Houston candidate class raised a record-breaking $1,875,848. Alyssa says, “This was so much more than titles and winning; it was about giving cancer the boot!”

  • VERITAS过去的获奖者

    2018 - 劳里·鲁伊斯Schneidau '77
    2017年 - 香农贝尔尼wiesedeppe '90
    2016 - 每日厄普顿'96凯蒂
    2015年 - 黛安KNEBEL Watler '72
    2014 - 迪亚兹Arrastia概念绿色'78
    2013 - 卡罗琳mccairns卡瓦哈尔'57
    2012 - SR。卡罗尔·梅耶斯,O.P. '56
    2011 - 通话病房商'64
    2010 - 玛丽·安·钱伯斯57年
    2009年 - 黛比Sieck '87
    2008 - 凯西Kokas '73
    2007年 - 珍妮特kingham绿林'57
    2006 - 泰蕾兹姐姐区长,O.P. '51
    2005年 - Antill艾琳'51
    2004年 - 卡莉斯塔Schneidau赫伯特'69


在saypo(ST。AGNES年轻的专业人​​士组织)奖 确认谁是追求在她的职业生涯卓越,是ST的杰出代表的个人。艾格尼丝社区。它成立于2015年,并通过saypo每年的投票板上。


  • 2019 ST。艾格尼丝年轻的专业人​​士组织(saypo)奖获得者

    祝贺saypo获奖者2019 安妮·鲁帕尼Farino '07!

    Annie owns Cacao & Cardamom Chocolatier, which made the 2018 Entrepreneur 360™ List! Entrepreneur Magazine identifies 360 small businesses each year that are mastering the art and science of growing a business. Companies apply and are evaluated based on five metrics: impact, innovation, growth, leadership and business valuation.
    Annie opened Cacao & Cardamom in 2012. She studied anthropology and religion at Boston University and abroad in London and Amman. During her travels, she gained a special appreciation for food and began her love affair with the culinary arts. Coming from a South Asian background, the smell of cardamom, cumin, coriander, fennel, and fenugreek were spices that flowed through her house, but were rarely appreciated until she began to see food in a different light. After she graduated from Boston University, she began studying for the law school admissions exam and took breaks by reading books about chocolatiering. This led to ordering 30 lbs. of coverture chocolate, a mini-tempering machine, and a very messy kitchen. Three days after the test date, Annie made her way to Pakistan where she spent six months working on Early Childhood Development projects. There, she found a pastry school in Malaysia and attended a week of chocolatiering courses. Once back in Houston, what was just a week-long break from the LSATs turned into a passion for the art of chocolate. What followed was the infusion of flavors from her upbringing and travels, which is now Cacao & Cardamom Chocolatiers.
  • saypo过去的获奖者

    2018 - ammie Blahuta哈德森'98
    2016 - 萨拉埃利亚斯brandino '99
    2015年(开) - 安德烈·菲利普斯艾维'04

2018 Veritas & SAYPO Winners

校友获奖贾静雯帕里什bublewicz '97(顶部)和安妮·鲁帕尼Farino '07之前的2019 ST荣幸。艾格尼丝会议于10月5日。